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After that, the possibilities are endless. 

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I'm Naomi, a decluttering expert

As a young girl I frequently asked my mom to pick a drawer in our home that I could organize - for fun. Free time was spent rearranging furniture, organizing  toys, and categorizing Barbie clothes.
After teaching in Namibia, working in higher education in Seattle and Minneapolis, getting  a masters degree in Public Health from the University of Minnesota and subsequently working in healthcare, it was time to
do what I loved.


I spent most of 2019 clearing the house my parents lived in for over 30 years. Any items they could not take to their significantly downsized apartment I sold, donated, repurposed, or recycled. It was hard work and emotionally and physically exhausting at times. The experience inspires me to help my clients live a more simplified lifestyle NOW through purchasing less stuff, responsibly decluttering, and reusing their way to a more peaceful home. 


Naomi is fantastic to work with. She is professional and direct, while being laid back in her approach to helping you figure out what will work best for your space. After working through one (major) project with her, I have momentum and strategies that I am now using throughout my house to declutter, organize, and simplify.

Sarah's Minneapolis sewing room

Naomi is amazing! She helped me declutter and reorganize my overstuffed linen closet, pantry, and entryway closet. Now I can actually see everything clearly-it saves me so much time that I use to spend searching for things! Naomi reused bins and baskets I already owned but wasn’t using effectively. She also handled the donating for me-such an added bonus! Me and my house feel lighter. I highly recommend Shared Planet Home Organizing.

Laura's south Minneapolis bungalow

Naomi helped me declutter the storage space in my busy chiropractic office. She hauled away piles of books to be donated or recycled, recycled old educational DVDs and cleaning products- things that may have otherwise ended up in the trash.  It’s a great feeling knowing your things will be donated and recycled responsibly!

Jamie's south Minneapolis office

Happy Clients' Homes