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Ten Items to Declutter Today

Free checklist of ten items to declutter today and where to bring them in Minneapolis and Saint Paul area. 

Ten Clutter Culprits in Your Home

These are common "problem items" for clients. Prior to buying anything on this list, SHOP YOUR HOME!

Easy Way to Save Kids Art

Ditch the piles of kids papers for good with this system and enjoy the artwork for years to come. 

Tote Bag

Where to donate decluttered items in the Twin Cities

Shared Planet Home Organizing cares about WHERE your unwanted items end up. Our goal is to maximize the lifespan of your items and to give them a new life elsewhere. Below are local non-profit organizations, centers, and businesses we frequently use. We love to work with groups our clients recommend or prefer. If you have an organization you like to use, please let us know!

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