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Home Organizing in Minneapolis and Beyond

Decluttering & Organizing

Feeling overwhelmed by "stuff" but don't know where to start or have the time to declutter? We can help with that. Day to day life is BUSY and without ongoing editing and tidying, homes can become overrun with STUFF.  It doesn't have to be this way! With a non-judgmental approach and a very efficient work style you will get your money's worth  while working with Shared Planet Home Organizing. We can organize WITH you and organize FOR you. Let's chat! 



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Executive Function Coaching Package

Do you want more order and calm in your space? Do you need help building executive function skills to ensure you maintain the space? Here it is! You will work with Naomi, home organizer, to let go of items no longer serving you and to establish organizational systems in your space. You will work with Kris Lyons, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, to identify tools and strategies specific to these systems to ensure the space STAYS orderly and calm.


(includes 3 hours of organizing, 1 hour of coaching)

Rightsizing / Downsizing

Are you considering a move in the next several years? Now is the time to start decluttering and organizing. Preparing for life's transitions is not easy but can be made easier by working with a professional organizer. I will provide gentle guidance and expertise as we sort through items and make decisions together to simplify your space so you can focus on what matters most. Once your home is full of your most beloved and needed possessions I can help organize it in a way that improves your day to day life. Do not wait until a crisis or life event forces you to move. Plan ahead and break downsizing into manageable steps. We can help!


Clothes Donation

Unpacking After a Move

You did it! You packed up your old space, hired movers, and moved. Phew.  Now what? You might be tempted to stuff items in cupboards and drawers- don't! Let Shared Planet Home Organizing help you unpack your items in a way that sets you and your family up for success. We unpack your items with care and organize them in your new space with function and sustainability top of mind. 


Home Organizing Gift Cards

Give yourself or someone you love the gift of TIME.  Shared Planet Home Organizing specializes in reducing the amount of stuff in your home and in setting up sustainable, organized spaces. Gift cards are available for purchase. 

Gift Bundles
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