Donation Facilitation

You deserve to feel good about where your donated items end up. Donation centers deserve respect.

Cost estimate provided after step one. 

​Step one: Let's connect!

  • Phone or in-person conversation about desired project. We will discuss your reason for contacting me and goals for the project. 

Step two:​​ Let's get started!

  • Carefully identify the best final destination for your unwanted items.

    • Utilize existing relationships with local charities, centers, and nonprofits who can most effectively use books, clothes, toys, etc.

    • Facilitate the sale of valuable belongings if applicable.


Step three: Let's wrap up! 

  • Get items to final destination. Due to the nature of donation centers, etc. this will vary by project and requires coordination, which Shared Planet Home handles. 

  • Provide itemized list of where items end up and receipts for tax purposes where appropriate.

*Terms of service provided before projects begin.