People are cutting out the clutter and focusing on what matters to them. This shift is overwhelming donation centers, nonprofits, landfills, and recycling centers. The personal organization business as a whole has not done enough to facilitate ethical redirection of items and “stuff” that people no longer want or need. Additionally, we have marketed an idea that organization requires us to purchase MORE. More bins, shelves, and plastic dividers. What happens to the bins and containers that we already own? Shared Planet Home Organizing exists to bridge the gap between the good intentions of people and personal organizers and the undeniable problems our over-consumption has caused. 


Together we will REDUCE unused, unloved, unhelpful things in your home and REDIRECT them to people and places who need them. We will REUSE bins, shelves, and other organizational tools you own or I acquire secondhand to REORGANIZE your things in a way that improves your day to day life.