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Back to School or Back to Chaos? Get Organized this Fall.

Back to School Home Organization

Back to school doesn’t have to mean a return to chaos. ⁠Here are a few tips for a smooth transition back to school.

FAMILY CALENDAR. Even if you keep your main calendar electronically , displaying a family calendar in a heavily trafficked area helps everyone envision the day, week, month ahead. Bonus (or is it??): Your kids remind you of events you otherwise might forget. ⁠

DROP ZONE. Designate a basket, bin, shelf, drawer for each family member. This is home to anything needed on the way out the door. Think hats, sunglasses, library card, keys, etc. Ya know, the thing’s you’re always looking for. ⁠

PAPER PLAN. With school comes….PAPER. So much paper. Plans will be different. What works for us? ⁠

✔️Kids empty backpack of paper every day.⁠

✔️Adults make decisions to keep, recycle, trash, or set ⁠aside in an action pile. Make decisions EVERY day vs ⁠delaying decisions and letting papers pile up. ⁠

SCHOOL LUNCH. Eating school lunch saves time, energy and money. My picky kids rarely complain and eat foods they never would eat at home if I cooked them. It’s a must if you’re looking to simplify. 🥖🥗🥙⁠

FEWER CHOICES. Less stuff = fewer choices. Kids don’t need an extensive wardrobe, myriad shoe choices, ten water bottles. Less is almost always enough! ⁠

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