Project/Space-based Organization

Cost estimate provided after initial connection.

Let's connect!  

  • Phone or in-person conversation about desired project. I might request pictures of the space, a video chat or an in-person visit before offering a time and price estimate for the job.

Let's get started!

Organization sessions often include:

  • Conversation. The relationship between client and organizer is a personal one. Let’s talk about what is working for you in the space and what isn’t.

  • Pictures and measurements of the space.

  • Sorting. Each client desires a different level of involvement in this process. You can be as involved as you want and we never discard anything without your consent. This step often takes more time than people think.

  • Redirection of unwanted things. We catalogue unwanted items and determine where they can have the most impact. We arrange and facilitate all aspects of the donation, sale, etc.  Following each project we provide you with an itemized list of donations and supply receipts where applicable.

Let's work!

  • Design and discuss plan for new layout. Shared Planet Home Organizing works with bins, shelves, and organizational tools you already own. If you do not have what we need we shop our local secondhand marketplace (e.g. Arc, Goodwill, Facebook, Nextdoor, OfferUp). Our last resort is to visit stores that sell new materials.

  • DO THE WORK. Implement the plan, label.

  • Final walk through.


*Terms of service provided before projects begin.