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Decluttering a Small Minneapolis Kitchen

This #Minneapolis kitchen was packed with things unused, unloved, and unwanted.

Like (almost) any decluttering project the steps are (somewhat) simple:

  1. Take everything out.

  2. Group like items with like items.

  3. Edit! What do you USE, LOVE, NEED?

This client isn't into labels and bins so our goal was to have ONLY what he needs in the space so bins and labels aren't needed.

Like many folks, this client had TOO. MANY. FOOD STORAGE CONTAINERS.

For small families/single occupant homes I recommend storing containers with their lids ON (make sure they are dry prior to storing).

Every cabinet got a makeover and now the client knows exactly what is in his kitchen and that everything there is something he WANTS there. That's a #win in my book!

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