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Home office help!

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

This growing family had ALL THE THINGS in their home office: crafts, office supplies, electronics, art supplies, etc. Before working with Shared Planet Home Organizing their items were hard to find and more importantly, hard to put away.

Notebooks with colored pencils
Do you keep your to do list digitally or are you a fan of pen and paper?

Gather, Group and Create a home for everything

"Action is the foundation key to all success." - Pablo Picasso

Every project is unique. For this project we pulled everything out, grouped like items together, contained, and labeled! This client wanted "fancy" labels which is always fun. These labels are created using a Cricut vinyl cutter. They take more time but aren't they beautiful? For many clients beauty inspires them to maintain the system. Not everyone needs or wants that but if you do, we're here for it!

Items for arts and crafts are lower so the kiddos can reach (and put away!) their supplies. Infrequently used items are stored higher and do you see that EMPTY SPACE? There is room to grow OR better yet, to leave alone.

Do you need help creating an organized home office?

Shared Planet Home Organizing offers free phone consultations. Let's discuss your goals for home organizing and how we can help.

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