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Mudroom madness? Not here.

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Organizing this south Minneapolis mudroom was so fun!

The shelves were holding ALL THE THINGS: food, pet supplies, seasonal gear, cleaning products, etc.

First, I removed all items (yes, all of them!) and created groupings to get a clear picture of what was in the space. Working with the client we decided that cleaning supplies were best stored elsewhere (in her case-the basement--as she has a cleaning service and rarely uses the products). We rearranged her pantry and easily found space for the food items.

TIP: Take stock of items in spaces that are best stored elsewhere and re-home them!

Once I knew which items should stay in the space I found solid containers, in this case baskets, to contain the items.

TIP: Storing items in solid bins keeps spaces looking clutter free at all times.

I stored items up high that the client doesn't use on a daily basis, such as beach items and bug spray.

The best way to keep mudroom storage organized is to make sure everything has a place and to label if necessary. The client wanted only a few of these baskets labeled as the others will change by season. The lower basket is one she already owned and holds everyday/purse dump items like keys and chapstick.

To learn more about home organizing in Minneapolis visit my website or reach out to chat.

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