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Shared Planet Home Organizing's theatrical debut (!?)

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Large, overwhelming organizing project? I got you.

When I first saw this high school theater room I audibly gasped. There was SO. MUCH. STUFF. in the room that I had to weave my way in and out of racks, boxes, etc. to get a full view of the space. Check this out:

Organizing starts with decluttering

As with most projects this one started with decluttering! In order to make room for the best costumes this high school had I focused first on weeding out items that are easily purchasable at local thrift stores (think random, Gap brand or similar cardigans, shirts, etc.). For items like pants, I grouped like pants with like and ensured I kept a selection of various sizes and colors.

It seemed insurmountable at first but as soon as I finished one rack I knew I could complete this project- and that I was going to have a blast doing it!

Shoes, dresses, bins and bins stretch pants, tights, socks. If you can think of an item of clothing, it was here (en masse). I kept the end goal in mind but took it one category at a time.

After HOURS of weeding each rack, piece by piece the project started to take shape. I labeled each rack, used items the school had (new hangers, bins, etc. were not in budget) and created a system that can be maintained for years to come.

To see more pictures from this project check out Shared Planet Home Organizing on Instagram.

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