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Try (don't buy) something NEW this Spring

We know our happiness isn't tied to how many THINGS we why do we live like it is?

Home organizing often focuses primarily on letting go of items we already own. This is crucial. It's a huge part of the work. AND we don't focus enough on helping clients decrease the amount of items coming IN to the home. THE best way to declutter is to stop the flow of items coming in to the home. Period.

Social media (especially Instagram) bombards us with THINGS we "need". THINGS that will make us fit, stylish, young, happy. Influencers push product upon product and we fall for it every time.

This Spring can we try something new?

  • Don't buy anything without waiting one week. I'm not talking about food and toilet paper. I'm talking about that face serum you keep seeing in your feed or that shirt that haunts you every time you log on. If after a week you are still thinking about the item...make a decision and either purchase it or let it go.

  • Stop copying other people. Influencers are SO GOOD at what they do. Really, it's an art. But it's not good for us. Be original. Be you.

  • When you feel the urge to buy something, organize a space in your home instead. Organizing will reveal items you forgot you had and may even give you that dopamine hit you were hankering for!

Shopping is fun and being more mindful about what we buy is hard but WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!!!

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